By WillBlast on Dec 9, 2008 at 4:34 PM
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    Latest DVD/Blu-Ray Purchase Thread

    Kinda went a bit crazy today.



Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by WillBlast, Dec 9, 2008.

    1. cbs777
      The complete series of the wire. I'm so jealous!!!!!
    2. kstublen
      You cleaned up today Will, that's for sure.

      I didn't do so bad myself either:

      -Sex And The City: The Movie (The Wedding Collection)
      -The Dark Knight (Circuit City Exclusive w/ Alternate Slipcover & Journal)
      -The Dark Knight (FYE Exclusive SteelBook)
      -The Dark Knight (Target Exclusive Blu-ray w/ Batman Mask Packaging)
      -The X-Files: I Want To Believe (FYE Exclusive SteelBook)

      And I Ordered The X-Files: The Complete Collection on Amazon a few days ago.
    3. civiclx
      Underworld 2-Disc Extended Edition
    4. tiger
      Sweeney Todd BD SteelBook from UK.
    5. WillBlast
    6. Anonymous
      Where from?  I'm trying to get one myself.
    7. tiger
      ebay auction for 30 GBP.
    8. Anonymous
      I picked up The Herschell Gordon Lewis Collection today.  Six movies in a boxset.  The Gruesome Twosome, The Wizard of Gore, She-Devils on Wheels, The Gore Gore Girls, A Taste of Blood, and Something Weird. 
    9. WillBlast
    10. Anonymous
      I bought the following Blurays: House Bunny, Pans Labyrinth, Eraser, and Enter the Dragon. I only paid 60 bucks total for all these new too. Gotta love getting store discounts!
    11. howwon
      The Avengers (The Complete Emma Peel Megaset Collector's Edition w/ bonus disc)
      The Complete Monty Python's Fying Circus (16 Ton Megaset)
      MythBusters Season 1-5
      The Prisoner - Complete Series (40th Anniversary Collector's Edition)
    12. Anonymous
      Zodiac 2-Disc Director's Cut - FIVE DOLLARS in a new Wal-Mart display.
    13. Gemini-Phoenix
      Those I AM Legend and Dark Knight Collector's Editions look very nice indeed! Wish we had them here in the UK!
    14. howwon
      Prison Break Season 3.
    15. tiger
      Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor BD.
    16. mr. b
      mr. b
      Crap, I've been wanting to pick up the 2-disc set for quite some time now.  I might have to check at Wally World after Christmas.  Thanks for posting that!

      Hey Gemini, I was planning on ordering some SteelBooks from soon.  If you want to work a trade for some of these Collector's Editions, lmk (shoot me a pm if you want to talk more).  I was going to see what I could pick up sometime after Christmas from the uk and other places from overseas.  I could simply order some of these Collector Sets for you, and trade them out for SteelBooks I'm looking for.  If you want the 300 Collector's Set, I already have an extra of that one (the Best Buy exclusive with a comic inside).  I'm hoping that I Am Legend Blu-ray Set will be around for awhile.  I am going to wait for a price drop on that one.   

      Oh yeah, and my latest acquisition is Forbidden Kingdom in blu-ray. 
    17. Anonymous
      Yeah sure, there is a new display that is going up this week that is usually at the front of the store (at least from what I have seen). Most displays only have about 6 of the 2-Disc DC so act quick.
    18. civiclx
      I received these from on Wednesday.  Some guy from Portugal hit me up about getting him  a set.  I checked and it was listed so I was thinking about getting one for myself.  Well I go back and check a few days later it says it's out of stock.  Eventually it's removed from their site:(  Well apparently it's back in stock now so I guess they got more from the manufacture.  I was afraid they might be returns or something.  I'm very OCDish about the stuff I buy...I won't even buy from collectors :-[

    19. Anonymous
      For Christmas I got the 3-Disc AC/DC Plug Me In DVD. 

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